Which Tennessee Real Estate Schools Should I Consider?

Which Tennessee Real Estate Schools Should I Consider?

A key component in obtaining your Tennessee Affiliate Broker Real Estate License is to take two prelicensing courses:

  • 60-Hour Tennessee Basic Principles of Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course
  • 30-Hour Tennessee Course For New Affiliates

How to Take the Classes

These courses are typically completed in one of three ways - and while all three work, your schedule, budget, or learning style may dictate the best choice for you.

In Person Classes

This is the classic way of taking the courses, and if you live near an in-person classroom and your schedule works with when an upcoming session of classes begins, this may be an ideal way to complete the courses.
Many people feel that they are most focused and learn best with a classroom experience, where they have classmates and a responsive instructor to interact with.
Due to the operating expenses involved, this can be the most expensive way to take the classes. For a "best of both worlds" approach, some students opt to take the 60-Hour class in person, and then complete the 30-Hour course online.

Live Webinar Classes

Taking the classes via Zoom or other remote classroom software became very prevalent during the pandemic, and has remained popular ever since. Students get the benefits of having a human instructor and classmates, all without leaving home. It's worth noting that students are required to have their cameras on during the class, and similar to in-person classes you'll need to find a set of classes that fit your schedule.

Online Self-Paced Learning

For students with an irregular schedule or who are looking to get started immediately, self-paced online learning can be the best fit. It is also potentially the most economical, depending on the vendor you choose and their current promotions - after all, there is no human instructor interaction, and the course development cost has already been incurred - each new student costs the school relatively little.
When using self-paced learning, students can log-in as often as they like, and complete as many hours at one time as they wish. This can been either a benefit or a drawback, depending on the student's personality, and the other demands in their life. Students who are only able to devote a few hours a week to learning may have difficulty retaining information for the test, or devoting sufficient time to starting their real estate career once licensed.

Schools to Consider

Neither our firm nor others are generally going to make an onboarding decision based on the school you choose. The important thing is that you pass the licensing exam, and demonstrate that you understand the core principles of the business, intend to grow your real estate business, and to conduct yourself in an ethical manner.
This list of schools is therefore not exhaustive, but represents a list of Tennessee Schools we've seen licensees use successfully.

Aceable Agent




Continual Learning Institute ( CLI )

Remote Classroom

The CE Shop



In-Person | Remote Classroom

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